Virtual Race

Today, well, technically tomorrow I am taking part in a virtual 5K hosted by 3W (aka Westminster Women’s Classic) and I am really excited! This is one of my first virtual races.

Virtual races work like this:

You register the same except that sometimes they are free and sometimes you pay. Usually the fee goes to T-shirts and sometimes to charity.

You get a race bib and on that designated day regardless of where you are in the world, you run!

I registered for the 5K so I am going to be running about 3.2 miles here in Alpine while hundreds of others run at some point today or tomorrow wherever they are.

You enter your time and pace and distance online and it is compiled into a database. Most virtual races are not based on time so winners can range. The winner is actually chosen at random. Prizes are awarded and there is a sense of virtual camaraderie. It is the new age way to connect people.

In addition to this 3W virtual race, I am also running a virtual marathon with Joggermom. I get 31 days (the month of May) to run 26.2 miles. When you do the math, that’s less than a mile a day so even the couchiest of potatoes can run this marathon!

Have you ever run a virtual race? If so, how did you like it? If not, would you be interested?


Guest Runner

Recently, I was able to get back to Dallas for a mini-vacation and I was lucky to get an invite from the Rockwall Chapter of MRTT!

Rockwall isn’t too far from where my mom lives in Dallas so I was very excited to get out and make some new friends!

Normally, and unfortunately, I never end up working out when I go out of town, but thanks to MRTT, I have groups all over the United States that I can link up with to run and network with.

The Rockwall group was amazing! They were so nice and accommodating. Even when I got lost driving up and down 205 looking for the YMCA! We ran together 5 times while I was in town and the runs were so exhilarating! I also forgot about the humidity Dallas has to offer and sweated a lot! On one occasion, they even trekked over to White Rock Lake for a cool 5 mile run!

On that particular day, the mommies
All headed over to the Dallas Zoo for a day trip:


We had so much fun! Roman, my son, finally took a decent nap after it was all said and done!

Later that week, we ran around Caruth Lake and then took the babies to the Harry Meyers Splashground:



I can’t wait to go back and meet up with the Rockwall mommies again!

Until next time,


Welcome! Bienvenido!

This is the official blog for the Alpine, TX Chapter of Mom’s Run This Town. MRTT is a free nationwide running club for moms.

Let me introduce myself a little bit 🙂

My name is Ashlee and I am 27 years old. I am a mom to a precocious ALMOST 1 year old and wife to Fidel. I recently moved to Alpine to join my husband and start our family together. After leaving big city life (Dallas) I attempted to settle in to life at a different pace and became rather unsettled! By some stroke of fate, I came across the Mom’s Run This Town website while searching for 5K’s in the area. Deciding it might give me something to invest my time in (aside from being a mommy, lol) I joined only to discover there was no chapter in Alpine! Taking a brave step, I started a chapter.

My running history is varied but one thing will alway be true: I love to run! I have always been athletic up until my son’s pregnancy. I decided to take 9 months off of any physical activity. Of course, that was the worst decision ever, but I made a comeback. Now, I run every weekday and try to fit in some kind of full body workout at least 2x a week.

The Alpine Chapter is off to a slow start with only one member: ME! I am excited to build this group and make it great! That being said, now that you’ve made it this far, join me! I promise you’ll love it 🙂

As of right now, I run M-F at 5:00pm and Saturdays at 9:00am. This will probably change once the summer heat sets in and I add more members. I welcome all ages, abilities and paces. You don’t even have to be a mom! Just appreciate our power 🙂

Check out the national site for more information and then take the next step and get involved!

Thanks for reading!